Welcome to the Livia Kova Institute:

Your destination for excellence in professional beauty and wellness in Brussels. The institute was founded in 1996 by Livia Kova, a woman driven by the passion to bridge the richness of Eastern European aesthetic tradition with the best that Western technological innovation can offer.

At the Livia Kova Institute, we provide you with unique and high-end beauty services. Everything is customized to satisfy even the most demanding, and each treatment is tailored to you.

Here you will find excellence in: Advanced Dermaceutical and Cosmeceutical Care, Microneedling, Vegetal or Acid Peelings, Radiofrequency, Medical Pedicure, Japanese P-Shine Manicure, Waxing or Diode Laser Hair Removal.

Who is Livia Kova?

Lívia Kova

Livia Kova is a visionary in the world of beauty and wellness. Originally from Slovakia, she not only brought a rich cultural heritage but also the determination to blend the aesthetic traditions of her country with the latest Western innovations. Since her arrival in Brussels in 1996, she has worked to realize this vision.

Her technical expertise is complemented by her ability to create at the Livia Kova Institute an environment that goes beyond a simple beauty salon, welcoming to all. Recognizing the cultural diversity of Brussels, she strives to make the Livia Kova Institute a welcoming place for an international clientele. Livia’s ability to serve and communicate in multiple languages not only facilitates clear and effective communication but also reflects her sincere desire to connect with each client on a personal level.

The Livia Kova Institute is a space where aesthetics, technology, and hospitality merge to create an incomparable experience.

Why choose the Livia Kova Institute?

Expertise et Tradition en Beauté - Lívia Kova

Expertise and Tradition

With over 30 years' experience, we bring extensive expertise to every treatment, enriched by a refined aesthetic tradition.

Innovation et Technologie - Lívia Kova

Innovation and Technology

We constantly invest in the latest technologies to offer you advanced, effective and comfortable care.

Service personnalisé - Lívia Kova

Customized approach

We respect each person's individuality, taking the time to identify your unique needs to design a customized treatment plan.

Espace - Lívia Kova

Welcoming environment

Our institute is designed to be your haven of peace, where you can relax and recharge your batteries in elegant, soothing surroundings.

free private parking

We're right in the heart of the vibrant European quarter, offering not only a prime location but also the privilege of private parking reserved exclusively for our valued clientele. Enjoy an unrivalled experience, combining comfort and convenience to ensure a pleasant, worry-free visit.